Faolen's Tome

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Entry one: The blessing of Sir Balan


I was a young lad when she came to me, watching the flock late at night. Fighting the sleep in my eyes by creating stories from the stars in the sky. Connecting them in my mind to take the shape of my heroes. As I watched them twinkle and burn on fell from the sky in a blaze of bright white light, she emerged in front of me.  I had never seen a woman of such beauty her eyes sparkled as if they were made of stars themselves.  She placed her hand upon my head and I heard her speak within my mind a voice so clear and pure.

“There is darkness ahead my child,  you must go to the castle and find Lord Aldus and warn him of the things to come.”


My mind filled with burning images of a great war, between the undead and all the races of the mortal world. All of Eswar was burning before me, and I could hear evil laughter echo through my mind.  


“ Be my champion, you must stop this from passing. I grant you a blessing and from henceforth you shall be my light on this mortal plane. The first Paladin of Celestia”


My body went cold for a moment a rush of light filled me. When i awoke from my dream i felt rejuvenated and full of life.  I did not return from the field that night, at first light I started towards the king’s castle to warn of the darkness to come…


Entry nine: The rise of The order


It has been months since Sir Balan was blessed by Celestia, there are now Thirteen of us. We have come together to keep darkness at bay.  Lord Aldus has provided us a temple on the edge of the Elethaels woods. We are traveling the kingdom spreading the light of Celestia. Our fellowship is growing, but so is that of the darkness that dances along the borders. Sir Balan has taken the seat of Lord Marshal, and the rest of us were granted Knighthood.  We are starting construction on a temple just off the mytria river. I sir Thane will take charge over our flock there and insure the light of celestia shines through the darkest of nights….


Faolen's Tome

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