Flies and Spiders
The Belated Retelling of the Events Concerning the Spider's Web

Greetings and Salutations,

The following concerns the events as they folded and unfolded to the recollection of my Halfling memory on December the 10th in the year of 2016 of the second age.  

The journey of the motley band of adventurers that I had recently acquainted myself with began in a rather rough spot for myself.  Newly discovered abilities and our somehow misplacing our Half-Orc Warlock Ersk and Paladin friend led to an interesting first battle.  We became surrounded by spiders and a primal rage burned inside.  I felt myself metamorphosing into a wolf.  I felt power surging through me, but my orientation was clumsy and unfocused as I tried to control the mind of the wolf I had become.  Had it not been for excellent skill of the Monk Shen Fist and Ranger Diero Graywind, I surely would not be here remember the encounter.  Shen Fist's fists were a blur as he often took on multiple attackers at once.  Diero's bow was strong and true often hitting the narrowest of targets (often leaving Shen Fist covered in the backsplash of spider brains and goo).   With my companions victorious I returned to my Halfling body and regrouped myself.

We decided to proceed deeper into the tunnels that lay before us, though way grew darker thicker with webs.  Again, something primal began to stir in my bones.  Again I began to change.  This time however, instead of uncoordinated I felt myself at home in my surroundings.  I had changed into a large spider that I had just witnessed.   As my appendages touched the webs that suffocated the tunnel I could see what we were up against.  In the following chamber there were four spiders and a monstrous entity.  Unable to effectively communicate with my compatriots I made the decision to press on.

The battle that lay before us was much less decisive than the one that we had left behind.  Fearing the monster that stalked the ceiling I rushed and dropped the abominable monster queen from her perch.  Picture sketched for effect:

Spider Queen

Sensing the danger, grasped onto the enormity of the beast below me and began to sink my mandibles into Queen's thorax and abdomen.  Assisting arrows flew at the Queen from Diero's mighty bow.  Shen Fist again focused on the lesser minions taking onto himself the brunt of a brutal assault.  The battle continued with a frenzy as the spiders again and again tried to trap Shen Fist in an incapacitating stream of webs.  The Monks fists time and time again deflected and dodged the spider's hold.  

The Queen unable to grab me from my perch on her bulbous backside tried to shake me loose by climbing and dropping from the ceiling.  Knowing the danger if the much larger arachnid was able to set its eight beady eyes on me, I used my web to hold on for my life and bit down on the Queen with a fervor that could only be the instincts of the creature I had become.

My friends continued to engage the multitude of spiders surrounding them and pushing them back into the hallway.  All while dodging the barrage of spider webs.  Both Shen and Diero each managed to destroy a nefarious spider (again leaving Shen Fist to receive a copious amount spider goo).  Whilst clinging onto the enormous abdomen of the Queen I finally found a weak spot a little lower on her.  I latched on and burrowed my way through the Queen's abdomen.  With the Queen down our team made short work of the remaining minions.  

Exhausted and damaged I returned to my former self.  Before resting we began exploring the chamber, including an ornate coffin at the head of the room.  In it we found another shard that we had begun to seek.  Rest became our next course of action until we stumbled upon a critically damaged Half-Elf.  We did our best to restore the health of this fallen Half-Elf.  I drew first watch and received little disturbance before it was time for Shen Fist to take over.

The following was retold to me by my friends.  Shen hearing noise in the distance struck out in search of a fight.  He called out as he left only arousing Diero.  Diero quickly followed and as an afterthought after seeing me not pursing as well show a damn arrow at me.  I became alert, hurt, and unaware about what was going on.  Shen emboldened by our previous battles dispatched of a group of Kobolds.  He pursued with the speed of the wind.  Diero attempted to keep up until they came across our Paladin friend gravely wounded.  What was said I still can't say but our quest must continue.

During my friends' adventure, the Half-Elf stirred and became hysterical.  I discovered her name was Eva and in search of her master.  Paying little attention to me she began searching the deceased body next to us.  She discovered a tome but would not share it's content.  During this the victorious but heartbroken adventurers returned and we began to put Eva's story together.  Apparently her master's order had fallen and they were in pursuit of the the truth of this.  With our connection to the current quest having fallen we agreed to follow and accompany Eva north for futher adventure and answers.  My quest for the relic of my goddess continues…

ps: The Longleaf I smoked during my watch was exquisite, I will have to remember to grab more when we come across Wyford again. 

pss: I did notice that Shen Fist had a strange affinity for the spider goo he seemed to constantly receive from our exploits with the Queen and her minions.

psss: Words will be had with Diero about that arrow alarm of his…

pssss: We really need to look for Ersk.  Marked for a priority going forward. 

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