Rumi Underoak

Young Halfing Druid Dedicated To The Goddess Artemis


Ever the optimist halfing, Rumi seeks common ground and balance with all he meets. He travels with his trusty donkey Digby and his quarterstaff Calchas is never far from his side.



Rumi fell in love with nature from a young age. This led him to begin his druidic studies at the Temple of Artemis at the age of 10. Constantly seeking a greater balance with nature Rumi, now in his 22nd year, has been tasked with his first true journey into the wild. Rumi seeks a relic in the form an arrowhead rumored to have been lost by the goddess herself when she was hunting an enchanted elk. During his trek Rumi’s wanderlust took over and he found himself well of his trail in the village of Wyford. Ever the lover of smoking tobacco Rumi could not resist the temptation of the village’s reputation for the finest long-leaf.

Rumi Underoak

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