Diero Graywind

Human Ranger


Human Ranger of Neutral alignment affinity for nature. This outlander uses a long bow with poison arrows to kill his targets. Has a problem of breaking things he touches.


Diero Graywind a middle-aged man a ranger from the Stonefrost Mountains. This ranger has grown weary from his adventures over seen by the hands of the elder dwarfs that inhabit these mountains. The elders use of the ranger was for his particular set of skills. Called for at a moment’s notice by hawk to take care of a problem the elders had within and outside the ranks of these stonefrost dwarfs. Diero carried out these tasks with a special poison he makes from weathered herbs of the mountains. This poison was so potent that weather the target was hit in the head or the heal it would bring on death within a matter of minutes. Diero’s favorite weapon was his bow, he carried out all the tasks with this bow and never moved without it. The task that were easiest to him were against the elves and orcs of the lower ranges, knowing that taking the target out would leave an opening for someone stronger to take their place. The Ranger knew his time in the Stonefrost Mountains was withering which came all more apparent with the death of Delg Ungart the head of the dwarf elders. The death of Delg brought a scare within the remaining elders. The dwarf elders in this scare swore off Diero and went into hiding fearing that anything that he had done would be traced back to them. Being sworn off he took charge out of the mountains, knowing someone would be on the way for answers. Diero leaving the land that he loved and recalled so well was left feeling elated that he is now free to makes his own choices and adventure where ever and whenever he would like.

Diero Graywind

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